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I Bought a "Mommy" Pin...

...and I don't have kids.

Alternate title for this blog post: "I went to an erotic arts & crafts fair and all I got was a kinky pin for my backpack."

But that's not true - I bought other stuff, too. So, alternate title for the alternate title: "I have a mom kink and I feel empowered wearing it like a wearing a badge."

Yes, I Went to an Erotic Arts & Crafts Show

And why not? What else does one do the weekend before Valentine's Day as a single middle-aged cougar "mom"?

What Do I Mean "Mom"?

Think "Daddy" with the genders reversed. (Not necessarily. I'm also interested in dating younger women. See my previous blog post.)

Did I Really Put a "Mommy" Pin on My Backpack?


What Will People Think?

I'm worried about that, too. But if I don't put myself out there, how am I ever going to find what I want?

What Do I Want?

To have sex again before I die. With someone younger than me. Who's into older women. Specifically, with a "mom type" like me. (Whatever that means. I think it's something along the lines of having big hips, a big heart and a lot of snacks in my backpack, with some spicy nicknames thrown in.)

Am I Gonna Find It?

Hopefully. I'll probably confuse the hell out of some people, but that's a price worth paying to increase my chances of having a happy sex life. (Correction: A sex life.) Also, confusing people is kind of fun. If I was braver, I'd be doing it a hell of a lot more. Trying so hard to avoid being misunderstood all the time is exhausting. It's no good caring so much about other people's feelings when I'm ignoring my own.

Perhaps the "mommy" pin can serve as a symbol of my desire to be both a good mother to myself and a "mommy" to someone else.

- M.B.

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